Meet Chrissie Milan, YouTuber & Social Media Influencer with a love for style and self-development. Chrissie has collaborated with household names such as Converse, UGG, Missguided, Size? as well as featured in Glamour Paris and Guap Magazine. 

She is the founder & host of The CEO Table platform and podcast which focuses on encouraging individuals to get their sh*t together and and become the best version of themselves.

Her very first eBook documents the plethora of knowledge she has gained from 5 years in the influencer industry as well as working behind the scenes with brands in influencer marketing. If you're currently trying to build a profitable personal brand - you're in the right place! 

Chrissie Milan

"I believe in the power of intention. The things you want in this life can be achieved when you are disciplined, confident and intentional. Being a goal-getter can be overwhelming, wanting more from life can be overwhelming and when you don't meet your own expectations it can be overwhelming.


I've built this community where goal-getters can learn to take control and be the CEO of their own lives. None of us are perfect, but this journey is better experienced together, building each other up and sharing our stories. That's why I'm here. Not to make you perfect but to be the refreshing mid week reminder that you can do it no matter how over it you are. "

- Chrissie xo